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RMCC Department of History Symposium 2016 CMRC Départment d’histoire Colloque Programme

The Education of an Air Force: 1914-2014

L’éducation d’une force aérienne :1914-2014



All activities, except where indicated, take place in New Gym, Yeo Hall

Toutes activités, sauf indication contraire, auront lieu au nouveau gymnase au Pavillon Yeo


Le mercredi 2 novembre ~ Wednesday 2 November

0730-1230 : Inscription – Registration

0800-0830 : Ouverture et mots d’accueil – Opening and Official Welcome

Lgén/LGen Michael Hood

Général-commandant, Aviation royale canadienne – Commander,  Royal Canadian Air Force

Bgén/BGen Sean Friday

Commandant, Collège militaire royal du Canada – Commandant, Royal Military College of Canada

Prof/Dr Harry Kowal

Recteur,  Collège militaire royal du Canada – Principal Royal Military College of Canada

0830-0930 : The RAF Staff College in the Interwar Period :  the birth of air power education in the RAF

Air Cmdre (retd) Dr Peter Gray, University of Birmingham

0930-1000 : Pause-café – Coffee, Mess des Élèves-officiers, Cadet Mess

1000-1050 : La création de l'École supérieure de guerre aérienne (1936) et la formation stratégique des aviateurs français

LCL Jérôme de Lespinois PhD, l’Institut de recherche stratégique de l’école militaire (IRSEM).

1100-1150 : Bad Doctrine Once Again:  German Interwar Thinking about Air Power

Dr Williamson Murray Professor Emeritus University of Ohio

La présentation du Prof. Murray  sera lu par OTL Andreas Vogler, Armée de l’air allemande et Chercheur invité sur la défense à l’Université Queen’s

Dr Murray’s paper will be read by OTL Andreas Vogler, German Air Force Visiting Defence Fellow at Queen’s University

1200-1245 : Lunch buffet – Buffet lunch   Mess des Élèves-officiers, Cadet Mess

1245 – 1330 : Table ronde – Round Table

Les sponsors identifieront les résultats escomptés du colloque

Sponsors will discuss their goals for the symposium


1340 – 1430 : The Air Corps Tactical School and the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies:  Educating America's Air Force Then and Now

Dr Harold Winton, Professor Emeritus, USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies


1440-1530 : Air Force Education at the RCAF Staff College During the Early Cold War

Dr Richard Goette, Canadian Forces College


1530-1600 : Pause-café - Coffee


1600-1730 : Panels


Panel 1Les puissances européennes European Powers


Presidént/Chair:  TBA


Taking Pictures for War:  Training of German Photo Interpreters in World War I and II 

Philipp Vogler, Karlsruher Institute of Technology


The Allied Air Attacks and the Last Days of the Great War in İstanbul:  German Ottoman  Turkish Training in German Hands

Dr Turan Çetiner, Turkish Embassy Ottawa


Guilio Douhet and the Influence of Air Power Education in Interwar Italy

Emanuele Sica, Royal Military College of Canada


Panel 2 - Apprentissage de la puissance aérienne en Asie du Sud et plus loin – Learning about Air Power in South Asia and Beyond

Presidént /Chair:  TBA


The First World War and a Prelude of the Education of the Siamese Air Force

Thep Bootanondha, Mahidol University


Leaning While Fighting:  The Royal Australian Air Force, Close Air Support and Coalition Warfare, 1942-2016

Dr Russell Parkin, Australian Defence College


The Utility of Air Power in Jungle Warfare:  From Malayan Emergency to the Final Defeat of the Communist Party in Malaya (1948-1989)

Dr Ong Weichong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Panel 3                Education sur les trois niveaux de guerre – Education for all levels of war

Président:  TBA


RCAF Training and Education 1924-1939:  Initial Steps Towards Developing a Professional Air Force

Dr Sandy Babcock, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, DND


Interests Aligned: Post-Second World War Educational Cooperation between the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force Staff Courses (1946-1966)

Dr Howard Coombs, RMCC


Strategic Approaches to Cold War Air Power:  Canadian and Swedish Perspectives

Dr Betram Frandsen, Independent Scholar


1730-1900:  Cocktails


Lancement de livre de UBC Press – UBC Press book launch

Capturing Hill 70: Canada's Forgotten Battle of the First World War

 Drs Serge Derflinger, University of Ottawa, and Doug Delaney, RMCC


Thursday 3 November – le jeudi 3 novrembre

0830-0900: Coffee – café, Cadet Mess, Mess des Élèves-officiers

 0900-0950:  “Standing Before the Judgment Bar of Christ” Maj. Gen. Orville A. Anderson, Preventive War, and the Origins of the US Air War College, 1945–1951

 Dr Mark Grandstaff, Associate Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University

 1000-1050:  Air Power Education Down Under:  the RAAF’s Air Power Development Centre

Mr Martin James, RAAF Historian

1100-1145:  Round table  – Table ronde

 1200-1315: Bus to 8 Wing Trenton – Autocar à la 8e Escadre Trenton

Box lunches

 1330-1445:  CFAWC presentations - Exposés CFAWC

 Col/col Kelvin Truss, CO Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre – Officier commandant du Centre de guerre aérospatiale des Forces canadiennes

 1445-1500:  Coffee – pause café

 1500-1600:  Air Power in a Joint Classroom:  the experience of the UK JSCSC

Dr David Jordan, King’s College London at the Joint Services Command and Staff College Shivenham via Skype

1615:  move to National Air Force Museum of Canada  –  se déplacer à la Musée national de la Force aérienne du Canada  

1630-1730:  Museum visit – visite  à la musée

1730-2030:  Symposium Dinner and Keynote address - Dîner colloque et allocution principale -


The Rise and Decline of Canadian Air Force Professional Military Education
in the 21st Century: Lessons for the Future

Dr Allan English, Queens University

2030-2145:  Bus to Kingston

Stops at Holiday Inn Waterfront and RMC parade square


Le vendredi 4 novembre – Friday 4 November


0830-0900: Café – Coffee, Mess des Élèves-officiers, Cadet Mess


0900-1030 : Panels


Panel 3                Canadien là? Canadian Eh?

Presidént /Chair:  TBA


Canadians over Texas:  The Royal Flying Corps and Flight Training 1917-1918

Dr. Erik Carlson, Florida Gulf Coast University


With the New Empire:  the Royal Canadian Air Force and Professional Military Education in the United States, 1943-1961

Dr. Matthew Trugden, Queen’s University


Panel 5                Ajuster cap, ajuster curriculum - Adjusting Course, Adjusting Courses

Président:  TBA


From Amalgamation to Conceptual Excellence:  Reform at the RAF Staff Colleges, 1964-1977

Dr Ross Mahoney, RAF Museum


Educating the Next Generation:  the Transformation of Education at the RAF College Cranwell

Dr Steven Paget, Portsmouth Business School, RAF College Cranwell


Airpower Mastery:  Is the RCAF at Risk of Professional Decay and Irrelevance

LCol Clay Rook, RCAF


1045-1130 : Learning about Air Power after the Cold War:  Warden, Boyd and Small Wars

Dr Wray Johnson, Marine Corps University


1130-1215 : Designing future strategic leaders: new approaches in senior PME at CFC

 Dr Paul Mitchell, Canadian Forces College


1215-1230 : Conclusion – Closing remarks


1230 – 1300 : Lunch buffet – Buffet lunch   Mess des Élèves-officiers, Cadet Mess


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