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Our Address

RMC Club of Canada
Panet House, Royal Military College of Canada                                                                                           17000 Stn Forces
Kingston, Ontario K7K 7B4
Tel: 613-541-6000 x6849
Toll Free: 1-888-386-3762
Fax: 613-542-7824
Email: rmcclub@rmc.ca

Our Team

Executive Director

Bryan Bailey
PO Box 17000, Stn Forces
Kingston, ON K7K 7B4
(613) 541-6000 Ext. 6699
(613) 542-7824 Fax

S125 Bill Oliver,
(Maj. Ret’d), MMM, CD
Tel: 613-541-6000 (ex 6814)
Email: oliver-b@rmc.ca

S134 Rolande Oliver
Tel: 613-541-6000 (ex 6814)
Email: rolande.oliver@rmc.ca

Gift Shop Manager  
Mary Darlington
Tel: 613-541-6000 (ex 6850)
Email: darlington-m@rmc.ca

Financial Services
Chand, Anita
Tel: 613-541-6000 (ex 6849)
Email: Chand.Anita@cfpsa.com

Administrative Assistant
Linda Mathieu
Tel: 613-541-6000 (ex 6849)
Email: linda.mathieu@rmc.ca

RMC Club Coordinator for RMC Saint-Jean
Vincent O'Neill
202A, Massey Building
15, rue Jacques-Cartier Nord
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3B 8R8
(450) 358-6551
Email: chapfsj@anciens-cmrsaintjean-excadets.org

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