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Birchall Leadership Award

The Birchall Leadership Award is presented by the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada (Calgary Branch) to honour the memory of 2364 Air Commodore Leonard J. Birchall CM, OBE, DFC, OO, CD [1915-2004], the “Saviour of Ceylon”. Birchall was an extraordinary leader, as well as a distinguished RMC ex-cadet, RCAF career officer, former Commandant of RMC, Honourary Colonel of 413 Squadron and until his death on September 10, 2004, the Vice-Patron of the RMC Club. Further, he exemplified a unique leadership quality, which this award celebrates, and that is the ability to stand up in the face of difficulty or adversity to promote the welfare and safety of those under his command.

The recipient of the Birchall Leadership Award will be recognized in his or her community as having demonstrated some aspect of Leonard Birchall’s extraordinary leadership qualities and is preferred to have had some military connection.



H25917 Major WJ Danny McLeod, MC,CD



Danny McLeod has been a teacher his entire life; although not in the traditional sense of the word. He did not teach in the classroom, he taught everywhere else.

Growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of …

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Larry Murray C.M.M., C.D.


Vice Admiral Larry Murray has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the Canadian Armed Forces.  Though his contributions in uniform were nothing short of exemplary, he is best known for his initiatives as a civil servant …

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4860 General John de Chastelain OC, CMM, CD, CH


General Alfred John Gardyne Drummond de Chastelain was born a British subject in Bucharest, Romania, in 1937. He was educated in England and Scotland, immigrated to Canada in 1955, and joined the Calgary Highlanders as a Private in January …

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S 146 General R.R. Ray Henault, CMM, MSC, CD

Born in 1949, S 146 General R.R. (Ray) Henault, former Chief of Defence Staff is the outgoing Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC), which represents some (26) countries in the Alliance. General Ray Henault was first elected to the …

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S 149 General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier, CMM, MSC, CD


Born in 1955, General Rick Hillier (S149) has defied Canadian military tradition. Few other generals have become known to all Canadians. Indeed, “General Rick” is a household name. He is a singular exception to the Canadian soldier’s tendency to …

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Christopher Alexander


Chris Alexander has held several high profile diplomatic positions, and has been commended for his unwavering leadership ability in the face of adversity. Through tireless efforts and diligent communications with civilians and local authoritative leaders, Alexander is accredited with

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Arthur Smith OC, DFC, AOE, DCL(Hon)


Born in 1919, Arthur Smith, the local war hero, political powerhouse, business giant and philanthropist, succumbed to his battle against cancer in 2008 at Chinook Hospice at the age of 89, leaving behind a lengthy list of accolades and …

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